Book 4 is out!

So, let’s get this out of the way. I’ll be at Delhi Farmers’ Market this Saturday July 29. 9:30-1:30. Yea! Go me!

Now for the big news. BOOK 4 IS LIVE!!!!

Yes, that’s right, book 4 (Ruffling a few Feathers) is finally out in paper. I should have some in hand by early next week or of course you can go on Amazon and order one now.

This focuses on more places in Cincinnati. And this, for all those that want the cliffhanger from book 3 resolved, will find delight in this one and know you will have answers.

•Lake Nina
•Cincinnati Zoo
•The Eagle
•Rockin’ Rooster Comics
•Outback Steak House
•Western Hills Country Club
•Game Time
•Anderson Hills United Methodist Church
•Taft’s Ale House
•Wishbone Tavern and Grill
•Game On
•The Mercer
•O’Malley’s in the Alley
•Wild Mike’s Shady Lane


Thank you for your support. Enjoy these books. I will not have another one due out this year. Maybe next year. Have to see how much time I have on my hands. The next book is 20,000 words in. For reference most of the mysteries have been about 70,000 words. (book 4 is the longest.)


Spread the word…or should I say words…

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