So yesterday, I finished writing book four in the Jane Monterrey series. Originally, I thought book four would be the end for the Jane series, but there is at least a book five. Book four does not have a title.
The series runs like this:
Taking the Plunge
Trouble Comes in Pairs
Kicking the Habit (tentative title)
Jane book 4.
Now on to the news that everyone will ask. When can I get this novel or any of them? Well, publisher number two called it quits. I got back all my rights but did not get any of the covers, which is okay because I have covers from the previous publisher. My goal now is to self publish.
It is a daunting affair and I don’t quite know what it all involves yet. I think I would rather control my own books’ destiny. I have a lot of support from my fabulous editor and a slew of authors in my same boat.
If anyone has any kind of help for me, please let me know. I know I will need at least two new covers, if not four to make the whole series tie together. I have contacts but it doesn’t hurt to make more friends in that department. Editing wise I will need people too. My editor is great, but she may get swamped with work. Plus, right now I am not a millionaire…nobody has bought the movie rights. So If you know someone to edit cheaply, but decently, drop me a line.
But anyway, as the famous troll Princess Poppy sings…’HEY, I’m not giving up today..nothing’s gonna stand in my way…you can knock knock me over but I will get back up again. (Curse of having a two year old who wants nothing else to listen to than TROLLS!)
Thanks, have a wonderful holiday and rest of the year.
Scott J. Kramer
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