A new Year and a new…Kick Start

So beginning this year I am going to try to post here weekly. Probably talking to myself but, what the h e double hockey stick as they say. Starting to edit Euphoria. Book 2 to Kara. Love my editor. New one they gave me. Teacher too. Probably will be rueing the day…but it is all for the good of the book. All about the books bout the books..no worries.

My students this year are awesome. Enjoy them but sad to know I only have so many more months to educate them. Weepy eyes

And  my new news which I don’t think I posted here is that I am a Dad again. Evelyn was born is Sept and so I have two girls to drain my love, affection, energy and money. But I will keep on smiling…even when I am 94, drooling and they are pushing me around in a wheel chair. Hopefully not, but as long as I have a good beer in hand.

So the update.

Kara – doing okay. Need to market it more.

Taking the Plunge – Still love it. My first. My baby. Almost up in its contract.

Trouble comes in Pairs – My new love. Better than TTP. Awesome sauce.

Jane and the Nun Killer – Book 3 in the Jane Monterrey series is 150 pages. Moving slowly even though I know who did it and all the factions. Silly kids not giving me time to write. Guess I need to skip sleep.

Jane 4 – WTF? Yes I have sketched out some of it and I might have even written some. Been awhile. Got motivated for a touch there.

Untitled Short Story collection – Another WTF? Yes, I am thinking of self publishing a collection. But that should come to fruition in my free time. Ha Ha

Children’s books – Yes I know another earth shattering revelation. I stumbled upon a nest of illustrators and Children’s book writers. So maybe my odd ball things will see the light of day. Who knows.

If you are still here, kudos. Thanks you. This is Scott, signing out with a feather in my cap and yankee doodle dandy in detention again.

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