Missing in action?

So, here I am. It has been awhile, but things have been….well life. It happens and then important birthdays and well there is the students. But, things are just peachy.

For those that are writers out there, national novel writing month has begun and the website that started me off to my published fame is in their prime. http://nanowrimo.org . Big shout out to Jodi who hooked me on to this website. It got me thinking by word count and not page or whatever count I was using before.

So where I stand with writing. Jane and the Nun Killer, third book, is my novel I am writing for Nano. Has not been signed, will not see publication in 2014. I need to define the series more. I’ve got a direction. The only thing I can say is, people may not like me after book three.

Kara…oh my pride and joy and then also my torment. Got signed for then next two. They are written, but not edited. Big task, but I can do it. I want to make it all special. Make it rock. I’d love to open scholastic and see my book there. Kinda cool.


So last little note I will leave you with. I had an 8th grader go to a local high school for shadowing (no, not dancing in front of a light and making shapes.) She saw my bookmarks hanging up in the school and told the high school girls that I had taught her.

“What’s he like?”

Umm…am I ready to be a teenage novel celebrity. I don’t have Bieber-rific hair (do a wave with your hand by your hair) and no where near the George Clooney heart throb.


Anyway…signing out



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