Title now

Title for second book is now Trouble comes in Pairs.

Here’s the blurb A prized horse is missing and private investigator Jane “CK” Monterrey is on the case. CK hasn’t had a big case in six months, when a millionaire plumetted to his death from her roof, so she certainly needs some action. Her new client is Shanel Richards, the sassy-mouthed part owner of the J & R Ranch, who hires CK to locate Abacus Starling, an expensive race horse.

But trouble comes in pairs. CK’s big and sweet gay friend, Gene Mahoney–a.k.a. Ms. G–also finds himself in the lime light. Someone is stalking him and he calls on his friend CK for some help with his creepy peeping tom.

While Jane digs deeper into her new cases, her personal life starts to heat up. Jerome, a substitute Zumba instructor, gets her heart pounding in more ways than one, even though she can’t quite get over officer Brad Hyatt, her former affair.

As she searches for a horse, a stalker and a missing poodle, things quickly get exponentially more dangerous. And Jane realizes she’ll have to up her game if she wants to get out of this alive.

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