News Article day

I should probably write more here but sometimes the days don’t lend enough time for that. Anyway, maybe new people are seeing this, reading this and going ‘Hey, I might want to read those books.’ That would be great. Trying to get the word out to everyone while trying to write more.

So here is how it stand:

Horsin’ Around (the sequel to Taking the Plunge) will be out digitally Sept 8 and then a month or so after in print.

Euphoria (sequel to Kara) is in proposal stages and editing process by me.

Kicking the Habit (3rd book in Jane series) I am currently writing, have about 20 pages done.

Taylon (3rd book in Kara series) is done but needs a makeover. Sitting right now.

That’s all the news. I hear my daughter singing from her crib. Nap time isn’t here yet.


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