Joe Hill Review

I received the galley just the other day. Not finished but I wanted to speak my words of praise for what I have already experienced (yes experienced, not just read). From page one I was transported, just like Vic, into the story the tale that Joe Hill has spun. I equate it to eating that one food you just crave or drinking that one beer you haven’t had in like forever. Each page was magically enchanted and swept me away for a good hour. And what I love, is that I still have some to read. I can crack open the book, and venture back into the story and get wonderfully lost in the tale that awaits.

If only my novels were this enchanting…

So now I am halfway through this journey to ‘mordor’. It is chilling how Mr. Hill went from childhood innocence to desperate, downtrodden adult hood. Tears lept from my eyes as Manx pushed her bike across the bridge, and terror seized me as she climbed through the burning house. And now while Manx lies incompacitated, the gasmask man haunts. Where I compared this to beer, this is now more like opening a bottle afraid of what might be in there…will it be beer, or another world, or will something reach up and strangle you. I am just glad I am passed my gingerbread baking days or I think I might sit in a corner rocking back and forth clutching this book going ‘there is no such place as christmasland, there is no such place.’

Joe Hill has done an amazing job of letting the reader ‘ride’ with his protagonist and villian, to experience these extended realities, and to embrace this diverse world. The last 100 or so pages read like a comic book, the hero gathering everything needed, barely escaping to her next destination, but unlike a comic book I knew not everyone would survive. It felt like those big crossover events that the comic book companies usually do that affects every hero and every superhero. This book gave that impression of everything coming to a head, a close in such a dramatic way. It left me sad but only that the story had concluded.

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