Book 4 is out!

So, let’s get this out of the way. I’ll be at Delhi Farmers’ Market this Saturday July 29. 9:30-1:30. Yea! Go me!

Now for the big news. BOOK 4 IS LIVE!!!!

Yes, that’s right, book 4 (Ruffling a few Feathers) is finally out in paper. I should have some in hand by early next week or of course you can go on Amazon and order one now.

This focuses on more places in Cincinnati. And this, for all those that want the cliffhanger from book 3 resolved, will find delight in this one and know you will have answers.

•Lake Nina
•Cincinnati Zoo
•The Eagle
•Rockin’ Rooster Comics
•Outback Steak House
•Western Hills Country Club
•Game Time
•Anderson Hills United Methodist Church
•Taft’s Ale House
•Wishbone Tavern and Grill
•Game On
•The Mercer
•O’Malley’s in the Alley
•Wild Mike’s Shady Lane


Thank you for your support. Enjoy these books. I will not have another one due out this year. Maybe next year. Have to see how much time I have on my hands. The next book is 20,000 words in. For reference most of the mysteries have been about 70,000 words. (book 4 is the longest.)


Spread the word…or should I say words…

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Farmers Market

Well, Saturday rolls around again and it is time for the farmers market. I will be there in my smiling glory with tons of stock in my novels. Last week was a great time. Hoping this week will be too.
Saturday July 22nd 9:30-1:30
Those awaiting book 4, should have stock maybe in two weeks. So if interested, let me know.
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Book 3 now in….uh ebook. Soon to be print.

So, I have finally made it to the finish line of this horrific marathon. Two publishers signed, two publishers lost. But not I saw a bright future in myself and self published. So here is book three, never having seen the light of day (published wise). The proof should arrive to me tomorrow and then hopefully I can greenlight it to print.


Book 4 will soon follow. Maybe by the end of May. And book 5. Well. We will see.




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Jane 5?

What? Two posts in one day. Crazy!

Book 3 and 4 go together, and originally I thought that may end the Jane saga right there. Boy was I wrong. Ideas hit me like a ton of bricks and I did my ‘outline’. Pretty sure Jane 5 will be started soon.


Hey if anyone knows any graphic designers that can make a book cover, shoot me an email.



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Back in Business!!!

Finally, all five of my novels are live, and available through Amazon. This would include the two mysteries and three young adult. Please spread the word. Eventually I may have signings and everything else, when things calm down.
Two more novels to get published. Kicking the Habit (book 3 in the mystery series) and Untitled (book 4 in the mystery series)

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So yesterday, I finished writing book four in the Jane Monterrey series. Originally, I thought book four would be the end for the Jane series, but there is at least a book five. Book four does not have a title.
The series runs like this:
Taking the Plunge
Trouble Comes in Pairs
Kicking the Habit (tentative title)
Jane book 4.
Now on to the news that everyone will ask. When can I get this novel or any of them? Well, publisher number two called it quits. I got back all my rights but did not get any of the covers, which is okay because I have covers from the previous publisher. My goal now is to self publish.
It is a daunting affair and I don’t quite know what it all involves yet. I think I would rather control my own books’ destiny. I have a lot of support from my fabulous editor and a slew of authors in my same boat.
If anyone has any kind of help for me, please let me know. I know I will need at least two new covers, if not four to make the whole series tie together. I have contacts but it doesn’t hurt to make more friends in that department. Editing wise I will need people too. My editor is great, but she may get swamped with work. Plus, right now I am not a millionaire…nobody has bought the movie rights. So If you know someone to edit cheaply, but decently, drop me a line.
But anyway, as the famous troll Princess Poppy sings…’HEY, I’m not giving up today..nothing’s gonna stand in my way…you can knock knock me over but I will get back up again. (Curse of having a two year old who wants nothing else to listen to than TROLLS!)
Thanks, have a wonderful holiday and rest of the year.
Scott J. Kramer
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Kara is out again. New and Improved

Kara is republished, soon to be followed by the other two books. If you have read it, please rate it.


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Meeting Scott Sigler!

Went to a signing of the great Scott Sigler for his book Alive. Wonderful read if you have not had the chance to read it. Took him cookies and treats. Also gave him a copy of Kara. Maybe he will like that. Hopefully.

Anyway, just trying to do more marketing than anything right now. Started Jane 4. Not off to the best of beginnings but I will try to get in the swing of it. I think I made it through the rough parts.

My two girls keep me busy. The 9 month old has six teeth coming in at once. Yea! Fun times ahead.

Please review my books. That would be great. Taylon due out in a few weeks. Hopefully print soon for Euphoria. Book marks coming soon too…maybe.


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Update about everything! Including covers

Wow has been awhile, but I have been busy. All good things mind you. Got signed for Jane 3. and it is done too. Amazing.

Euphoria is out, as you can see from the posts. Taylon due soon.

What else can I say? Well here is my dilemma. Do I start writing Kara 4 or do I start writing Jane 4? I still have half a summer to go and I can get a lot done. Been very disciplined. 1000 words a day and then some on the weekends.

So we shall see. Anyway, enjoy the covers. Email me a

Euphoria-Final Taylon-FINAL

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Kara Review

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